How do I use Teacher Alerts?

How do I use Teacher Alerts?

Teacher Alerts is our new dashboard that alerts teachers as to which students need assistance, and on what inquiry skills. Teacher Alerts works in tandem with Inq-ITS our science learning platform for middle school students with simulations for Physical, Life, and Earth Science. With Teacher Alerts on their iPad, laptop, or smartphone, teachers receive alerts as to which students need assistance and on which inquiry skills and their respective sub-skills. Alerts are automatically prioritized and color-coded so that teachers can move efficiently through the room assisting individual students.

Alerts by Time
By clicking on Alerts by time, you can see a list of alerts generated as a result of student activity within Inq-ITS. Note that alerts are generated in real time with the most recent alerts at the top of the list. Teacher Alerts will generate both individual student alerts and Class-wide Alerts.

Alerts by Type
By clicking on Alerts by type, you can see a list of alerts organized by the type of alert. If a teacher notices that they have a large number of hypothesizing alerts they can view the alerts by type and see all of the students struggling with this phase of inquiry.

Class-wide Alerts
Class-wide Alerts can be configured under the Settings tab. By clicking on a class-wide alert you can see the class performance on a specific practice as well as a breakdown of student scores.

Student Details
Once you click on a student’s name the details for the alert will open. In this case, Jackson is changing too many variables at once. You can also see that so far today Jackson has earned a 100% in Hypothesizing and a 38% on Collecting Data. The top of the screen has a progress bar that displays the student’s advancement through today’s activity. The screen also includes information about this specific virtual lab including the Independent and Dependent Variables. At the bottom of the screen there is a detailed list of the alerts that Jackson’s actions have created within the system today. Once you click ‘Mark as Resolved,’ the alert will turn green and disappear after five minutes (configurable in the Settings tab).

From the Students tab, you can view a list of current students completing activities within Inq-ITS. By clicking on a student’s name, you can view a breakdown of today’s performance along with a list of any alerts generated by the system.

Within the Settings Tab you can configure the alerts to your own preferences. For example, if you want to be alerted when students do not progress, you can change that time.

From the Help Tab you can view sample alerts,

See the video below for a visual demonstration.

This page was last updated in May 2021.

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